Description: These Ruger hitch-mounted Straddle Cranes are towable at up to 15 mph to offer true portability. When on site, they can easily be pushed into position by hand on either paved or unpaved.

Remarkably, CMMG operated from that location until 2016, when the need for further expansion (and consistent electricity.

to a busy 2019 that saw the addition of models chambered in 350 Legend, .40.

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Customizing The Ruger Precision Rifle – On a couple occasions now within these pages I’ve called attention to the substantial modularity of Ruger’s Precision Rifle. Not only is all of the bolt-action’s furniture compatible with.

Description: These heavy-duty Ruger Economy Engine Straddle Cranes have a built-in extendable multi-position boom that provides more horizontal and vertical reach. Legs are in a fixed position.