They have nimbly re-purposed the Dravidian cadences of Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu to blend.

In Karnataka, Brodha V found fame for his remixes of popular shlokas such as Aigiri Nandini in.

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The combination of English (rap) and Tamil lyrics is done very well and is sure to work.

Rajhesh Vaidhya’s veena work brilliantly for the number. The EDM-infused Aigiri Nandini is something we have.

The swarajati, the imaginative poses of Dasavatharam, Vishnu and Adisesha in ‘Sriman Narayana,’ the melodious singing emphasising the Tamil lyrics of ‘Muthu.

Mahishasura vadam with ‘Aigiri Nandini’.

Aigiri Nandini Nanditha Medini with Tamil LyricsNiladri Kumar: Films remain the best medium to reach out to the masses – His recent track ‘Tere Bina’ for the Hindi film ‘Shorgul’ where lawyer and former minister Kapil Sibal has penned the lyrics, is making news these.

He sees the devi or bhakti in her and he sings.

It was followed by the famous lullaby ‘Omanathingal’ in Raagamalika and Taalamalika with Vidya emoting the lyrics of Eriyamman Thampi as.

the five elements were depicted and Aigiri Nandini in.