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In 2004, they told us the ever-vacillating John Kerry was the most electable. He lost. In 2016, media and party elites pushed hard for Hillary Clinton against the Sanders challenge, insisting she.

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The Great American Scrapbook Convention 2016 HaulThe Man Who Made Socialism Cool Again – Sanders has inspired a massive, energetic, hardworking and fiercely loyal following, determined to carry him to victory at the Democratic National Convention.

As he did in 2016, Sanders has.

At the end of August, Donald Trump heads into the Republican Party’s nominating convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, with some advantages he didn’t have four years ago. In 2016.

On March 2, delegates to the National Farmers Union 118th Anniversary Convention elected Rob Larew.

public policy and communications since fall 2016. In that role, he oversaw the.

Harding in 1920, Jimmy Carter in 1976, Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2016. Polk was an obscure.

choice at the 1920 Republican National Convention. The phrase “smoke-filled room.

Mr. Doss saved 75 lives at the Battle of Okinawa. In 2016 Mel Gibson produced the movie “Hacksaw Ridge” based on Doss’ story. The center displays a miniature “Hacksaw Ridge”. Mr. Doss.

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Not in 2016 and not in 2020. In several instances, it even resorted to some good old-fashioned red-baiting to frighten voters; the party is, after all, a capitalist institution. Working and middle.

He admitted Tuesday that his strategy had been to provoke a brokered Democratic convention and win after.

defeated Hillary Clinton in Michigan in 2016. Clinton did not bother to campaign.