Viewing CAA through prism of international law – Also, termed “public international law; law of nations; law of nature and nations; jus gentium (Latin for law of nations). The body of law, taken to be common to all civilised people.

When Nav first released music, nobody knew anything about his identity or Punjabi descent. After making beats for local Toronto rappers, in 2015 he put debut song Take Me Simple on his Soundcloud.

Forsyth County School Calendar 2016 2017 LETTER: Don’t interfere with Planned Parenthood – Research from the Guttmacher Institute examining trends in abortion incidence and rates between

Nokia has officially launched its first Android smart TV, called the Nokia TV 55-inch UHD (4K) LED SMART ANDROID TV (55CAUHDN). The smart TV under the Nokia brand is powered by the Android 9.0 TV.

“I’m buying a $250,000 McLaren this summer”: How Rizwan “Sunny” Rabbani created a multi-million-dollar fitness business on YouTube – I got him to print out photos of other Hindi and Punjabi YouTubers who produce fitness content. I wanted to know what times they post their videos, what tags they’re using, how long their videos.