The test fire range at the shop allowed customers to try out their bows, and there were drawings for prizes including a crossbow, a trail camera, and other items. The store has bows from BowTech.

ATA 2015: Bowtech ArcheryOutdoors: Knowing the area you’re hunting in is important – And such is the case of Schuylerville bow hunter Mike Galcik. The day after the full moon, he knew deer would probably not be moving early and entered the woods around 7:30 a.m. to check out some new.

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But for now, here are the top new bows for 2015 (in alphabetical order.

This year, so far at least, it’s the Bowtech Prodigy, with its never-seen-before Powershift Technology, which features a.

This year Bowtech has added several new features to its Prodigy model. Shooters can adjust the feel of their draw to find the sweet spot between shootability and performance. The bow tops out at 345.

There’s lots to gawk at on the floor of the Archery Trade Association (ATA) show, but at or near the very top of the list for any hardcore bowhunter are the new flagship compounds.

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The unveiling of several new non-flagship bows started the 2015 ATA off with a bang. With the already released Prodigy, Boss and Fanatic bows behind us, these unveiled bows proved just as impressive.

BowTech has developed a tribute.

thus empowering families to thrive. The Legend bow is built on the same platform as the company’s 2015 flagship bow, Prodigy, and features PowerShift technology, a.

EUGENE, Ore. – ( Bowtech Archery, the industry leader in archery innovation, has once again developed technology that will shift the archery industry forever. The brand new 2015 Prodigy,