City Newshound I just conked out." You might wonder how The Guardian’s City Hall newshound knew about this mayoral slide into slumber.

I went abroad as soon as I found a job.” – ‘Give me Real Madrid or Barcelona’ – There can be little arguing with Dalic’s pedigree — he was born in the town of Livno in what is now Bosnia and.

Check it out, I subtitled a thing: A senior citizen on protests in #Bosnia: // #protesti — Amila (@amilabosnae) 10 Feb 14 Outside the capital, the demonstrations, partly organized and.

The aim of the exercise, organized within the UNDP project Increasing Resilience of Livno, Mrkonjic Grad and Maglaj (IRLMM), funded by the Czech Republic, was to check compliance of action of the.

Last year, however, a group of local nature lovers launched a petition to protect the herd, and officials in the nearby town of Livno have earmarked funds to conserve the animals. They argue that the.

A heart for the Bosnians – In an operation called Joint Endeavor, Malcon troops were sent to Livno, Glamoc and Kupres. A total of 8,000 Malaysian troops were deployed to Bosnia in the five-year period between 1993 and 1998. As.

Livno onlineWorld Cup final: Croatia’s team born out of adversity – While he didn’t serve on the front line, Dalic helped defend his home town Livno and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a food runner before he was released to resume his professional playing career.

St. Francis, Minnesota (Maggie Ewen) and Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Filip Mihaljevic) ended up in the top-8 thanks to the heroic efforts of one athlete from each of those locations. Athletes who.