Thank goodness for the 63 national pavilions—where architects came out in force to illuminate what it really meant to be reporting from the front as they tackled refugee influxes or the impact of a .

Lenticular postcards for high impact marketing and advertisingXintiandi station – A feature of the bookstore is its wide collection of postcards. Some are exclusive to the store, while others are based on popular designs.

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When the Puella Magi Madoka Magica TV series came out 3 years ago, no one could have imagined its popularity and impact.

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On the site, visitors to the gallery or browsers at home can get better acquainted with the Harmonized System’s taxonomy of trade by generating a swimsuit design that represents.

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A girl named Annika receives a Stratasys 3D-printed prosthetic on a visit to Clearwater Marine.

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Their designs are simple and calculated.

On pen and paper it’s another runner, but in action, it’s so much more. It blends 2D art with a 3D world, with 16-bit sounding music soundtracking it all.

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He then sends these 3D illustrations to the Brignetti Longoni design studio in Milan, which specialises in 3D printing, where they are made into objects using.

The culmination of that initiative was to install a new JETvarnish 3D.

design to incorporate JETvarnish 3D embellishments. The Brodnax print team then designed and applied a 3D dimensional heart in.

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New exhibition trips to the light side of the moon – and the mission’s lasting impact on science, society and design. Two hundred items have been drawn from the museum’s collection, including a wall of ephemera featuring commemorative postcards, stamps.