HelloWorld launched at the YCombinator hackathon in Mountain View this past weekend. (Courtesy of Ernestine Fu) HelloWorld, an app created by Stanford alumni, hit its download limit shortly after its.

Stanford faculty advise national blockchain projects in Papua New Guinea – The Papua New Guinea blockchain team (Courtesy of Ernestine Fu). Blockchain is a networking database that can serve as the base for complex and secure activities such as cryptocurrency transfer,

Ernestine Fu (@ernestinefu) is a student at Stanford. She is also working as a Kauffman Fellow at a venture capital firm while a student. She was featured on the cover of Forbes in August 2011.

Ernestine Fu may be the first Stanford sophomore to work as a venture capitalist while carrying a full course load. For the past two months Fu, who turned 20 on April 30, has been an associate at.

Read more in this week’s print paper. Ernestine Fu is an engineer and venture capitalist. Here she tells us why Sheryl Sandberg can change the future for women, how women can break into the.

Alex Moazed, Bing Chen, Alistair Thornton, and Ernestine Fu discuss parallel "internets" powered by China and the United States and the enduring strength of Chinese-style internet censorship.

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Ernestine Fu: Introduction to Venture CapitalRakuten and Blackstorm launch HTML5-based mobile games platform – It’s launching a platform called R Games today.

Rakuten Games is a Tokyo-based business entity formed as a “joint spin-off” between Rakuten and Blackstorm, says Ernestine Fu, one of Blackstorm’s co.

Alex Moazed, Bing Chen, Alistair Thornton, and Ernestine Fu discuss parallel "internets" powered by China and the United.