I GOT ENGAGED!! (the proposal)GOP Candidates Get Religion in Iowa – "Haley was the most political person in there," her husband added. "He gave more of a political message.

with religious groups and pastors are crucial to his launch. Erin McPike is a national.

Mary Kaye Huntsman told RealClearPolitics that she and her husband will dine with the Texas governor and his wife, Anita, next week. Huntsman’s chief strategist, John Weaver, who is based in Austin,

Claire McCaskill’s — Murray argued that the first-term senator has shown strength in the face of adversity when she got pummeled last month for having failed to pay taxes on her husband’s private.

He was a caring, attentive husband and father who passed down to us the core values.

The only firm date, however, is October 8 in Cleveland. Erin McPike is a national political reporter for.

When she introduced her husband in Boston on Super Tuesday.

for waging a “war on women,” the new message is that the GOP is “wrong for women.” Erin McPike is a national political reporter for.

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Power outages; over 6,400 flights canceled There was nothing.

CNN’s Mariano Castillo, Christina Zdanowicz, Henry Hanks, Ed Payne, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Sean Morris, Erin McPike, Sherri Pugh, Meridith.

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But Ann Romney has thrown fuel on it by telling CBS the campaign has been considering a female VP pick: Ann Romney says her husband is considering a woman.

That’s what Erin McPike surmises at RCP.

Heidi Cruz, a Harvard Business School graduate and former Bush administration official, has emerged as a central figure in her husband’s campaign, charming on-the-fence donors while acting as a bridge.

And he asked whether she or her husband had jobs and if she could afford gasoline.

And then he climbed into a big SUV and drove away. Erin McPike is a national political reporter for.